Learning Reiki

As both someone who both engages in other energetic modalities and someone who has been a teacher of a variety of subjects, I know that adequate comprehension of a practice such as Reiki is not something that can easily be grasped effectively in such a short time.


New Moon in Leo Reading

Clarify your intentions. Choose your strengths wisely as you ride Leo's momentum to your next achievement. Be confident in knowing what you wish to accomplish as you take the next steps on your path.

Shadowscapes Tarot – Review

This deck has not disappointed me in the few months that I have been using it. Many decks with softer imagery can sometimes present their information in a way that is soft. While that works for some, I find that information should be presented, always, in a way that is best for the querent to receive it; this deck presents information in such a way.

Reiki Food

This same process can be used to infuse crystals, ointments, lotions, salves, oils and various other aides and objects with Reiki. Using and applying these objects allows you to apply Reiki energy at those times when you may not have the time to perform a regular self healing treatment. 

The Discomfort of Healing

Often times, we depict healing - in whichever form - as refreshing and joyous or otherwise pleasant. The truth is that healing can be difficult, ugly, painful, and just plain uncomfortable.

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