Tarot Readings

How It Works

I give all of my readings with the intent to guide and clarify as oppose to divine or predict. I will not attempt to predict the future, nor will I tell you what another person is thinking or feeling.

To book a reading, use the form below to submit your question or concern and choose between a tarot reading and an oracle card reading. Your reading will include an image of the exact spread used for your reading, a detailed and sensitively written interpretation of those cards, and a clear summary of the interpretation.

Generally, I do all of my readings via email. However, if you are in the area of Long Beach, CA, please email me directly at cmhealingtarot@gmail.com to arrange an in-person reading.

Tarot vs. Oracle Readings

Tarot cards and oracle cards are two different but similar methods of reading. A tarot deck has a structured system and can be more specific while an oracle deck is more free-form and tends to highlight overall ideas.

Tarot Reading – $35

I will create a custom spread for your query and interpret how the situation is affecting you at the present moment as well as what you might do to find peace and move ahead toward your goal.

Oracle Reading – $25

I will draw cards for your query and interpret the major influences in your present situation. I will use the information in the cards to provide you with a compassionate message that will help guide you to finding the resources you need to push forward.

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