Spiritual Readings

Spiritual Tarot

Soul Activation – $20

This reading uses a pre-made tarot card spread of 4 cards; I use this spread to draw guidance from your Higher Self in order to help you manifest your Authentic Being in everyday life.

Past Life Exploration & Follow Up – $35 & $25

This reading uses a pre-made tarot card spread of 8 cards; this reading follows your energetic cords to the past and sheds light on your past lives. This reading may focus on one specific past life or may provide insight to general themes of your previous lives.

The Follow Up reading is an additional reading that you may receive no sooner than 2 weeks from the time of your Past Life Exploration reading. This is a 3 card spread which that will guide you toward releasing your attachment to your past lives, whether that may be through healing, fulfillment, or cutting of some cord.

Tree of Life Reading – $40

The Tree of Life reading is a pre-made spread of 10 cards; it is patterned after the Tree of Life in Kabbalah with each card representing one of the sephira. These 10 cards give an overview of the energies being expressed in 10 areas of your life as related to the Tree of Life.

Tree of Life Exploration – $55

This reading includes the Tree of Life reading as well as a more in-depth exploration of up to 3 areas from your Tree of Life reading. This reading includes an additional 3 cards drawn for each of the areas you wish to explore further.

Spiritual Reiki

Healing the Past – $80

This is a 60 minute healing session that sends white light energy across time to help aid you in healing your past.

Chakra Balancing – $45

This is a 30 minute healing session that aids you balancing your 7 primary chakras.

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