Aquarius Full Moon + partial lunar eclipse

This Grain Moon in Aquarius arrives with the added energy of a partial lunar eclipse (check here for information on it’s visibility).

The message in this reading was not immediately a clear picture to me. It wasn’t until I put myself within the story of each card that I was able to see the whole lesson from these lunar energies.

The 3 of Pentacles speaks to the momentum we’ve been building over the summer months. We’ve stacked our lessons – our achievements and failures – and have reached the limits of their ladder. We stand at a peak with seemingly no other place to go as fruition dangles before us.

The 2 of Swords echoes this struggle with its stalemate. Our road is blocked and our desires, our dreams, our hopes lay bare in the path ahead.

This moon is supercharged by the lunar eclipse and is prepared to slingshot us forward to the remarkable energies of the solar eclipse in Leo, only 2 weeks away. The 2 of Wands tells us that we will only have this short time to wait and think what our best course of action will be. It is our crossroad and, while careful planning can be beneficial, overthinking can be our undoing.

The Ace of Wands follows and asks us to consider that initiation is not just a beginning of a new journey, but an ending to the old. It is the slow, ritualized death of who we were yesterday. In its place will be the person we grow into on the journey before us.

The Hanged Man and the 6 of Swords echo each other. They urge us to give ourselves over to the natural flow of energy within and around us to take full advantage of our potential. We can drape ourselves across the foundation of what we’ve previously built and allow ourselves this moment of vulnerability.

Surrender yourself to your dreams. Whatever you’ve been working towards, allow the pieces to fall into place and claim them.


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