Learning Reiki

I came across an old vlog from a YouTuber I follow recently and felt inspired to write this post. In the video she explains why she is somewhat skeptical of Reiki, one of the reasons being the process of training.

I believe it’s safe to say that it is fairly standard for each level of Reiki to be taught over the course of one weekend and only require a few hours of study before an Attunement is given to that level.

As both someone who both engages in other energetic modalities and someone who has been a teacher of a variety of subjects, I know that adequate comprehension of a practice such as Reiki is not something that can easily be grasped effectively in such a short time.

I will admit, I received my first Attunements without specific training. I had a prior friendship with my first Reiki teacher and, given my previous knowledge and working with other energy practices, she felt that I could still use my Attunement effectively.

However, over the course of several months I received Reiki specific training from her and developed a practical understanding of Reiki energy and how to use it.

Now, as a Reiki teacher myself, I have chosen to adopt a similar teaching style. I believe both the Reiki student and their future seekers will benefit from the student learning Reiki over a longer course of time. Not only is proper training crucial to a successful path as a Reiki practitioner, reliable mentorship will also make a significant contribution.


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