Cutting Cords

In some cases, cords can become attached that leave us feeling drained, burdened, or unhealthy. This can be the result of toxic relationships, unhealthy habits, addictions, lack of boundaries, negative spiritual inheritance, fear, loss, or other unhealthy attachments. Often times, we don't even realize these cords have formed until we have already begun to feel unwell.


Lesser Known Reiki Modalities

There are many different approaches to Reiki and many teachers will encourage you to learn all you can and develop a practice that speaks to you. Never be afraid to explore new avenues on your healing journey.

Leo New Moon + Solar Eclipse

The US was fortunate enough to experience the first solar eclipse event of its kind in nearly 100 years. The energetic influence of such an event cannot be overlooked, thus I made it a part of my focus for this New Moon in Leo reading. This makes it no surprise that I felt moved to drawing 5 cards tonight as opposed to my usual 3 for these readings.

A Change Will Come

The "ritual" I felt this card was subtly hinting at was the long over used "the way things are". Many of us (and many of "them", as there seems to be a definitive line drawn now) hear, too often, that this is how it has always been which someone means that fighting for change is useless.

Aquarius Full Moon + partial lunar eclipse

This moon is supercharged by the lunar eclipse and is prepared to slingshot us forward to the remarkable energies of the solar eclipse in Leo, only 2 weeks away. The 2 of Wands tells us that we will only have this short time to wait and think what our best course of action will be.

Learning Reiki

As both someone who both engages in other energetic modalities and someone who has been a teacher of a variety of subjects, I know that adequate comprehension of a practice such as Reiki is not something that can easily be grasped effectively in such a short time.

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