New Moon in Leo Reading

Leo, the Lion we look up to. Self confident, ambitious, and full of forward driving momentum. The New Moon is perched upon its strong back and together they lead the way for us.

The Sun was drawn first in this spread, unsurprisingly, as Leo is ruled by the Sun. It speaks of invigoration and the vibrancy of life. It calls out to us to nourish our whole selves – body, mind, spirit, and heart.

The King of Cups speaks to the gentleness of Leo’s strength. What greater show of strength can there be than a display of effortlessness and grace. He waits patiently to draw in that which is needed.

The 6 of Swords speaks of another face of strength – the strength that comes from allowing yourself to be vulnerable. There are times when we endure for so long that we feel we must maintain so as not to be caught off guard. Know when to to rest and let others bear the load; save your strength for when it’s needed.

I felt drawn to pulling from the Oracle deck for this evening and received Fernia with her message of clarity. Clarify your intentions. Choose your strengths wisely as you ride Leo’s momentum to your next achievement. Be confident in knowing what you wish to accomplish as you take the next steps on your path.


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