Reiki & Mental Health

Recently I was reminded of an article on The article discussed symptoms of psychic attack and, while I believe such things are possible, it painted an image of a mass population under external psychic influence.

I will note that the article casually adds the disclaimer by stating that the symptoms are signs of psychic attack or influence if it is not part of your normal behavior, but that implies that anything other than your day to day, typical behavior is a psychic influence.

My concern with this particular article is that these symptoms are signs stress, mental illness, or the manifestation of psychic abilities in addition to the possibility of a psychic attack.

As a Reiki practitioner, I always stress the importance of seeking the care of a medical or mental health professional as soon as possible before or after a Reiki session. Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment, but is an excellent addition to a diverse approach to wellness.

I’ve encountered a variety of people in different spiritual communities who express this behavior of focusing entirely on spiritual explanations. I find it to be a disservice to the Seekers who would benefit from exploring all avenues of treatment.

There are many, many other things that must be considered before drawing the conclusion that someone is being affected by external energies and there are other experienced professionals, who may or may not overlap in the Reiki field, that are trained to detect these things.

I have dealt with anxiety and depression from a very young age. My family continuously wrote it off as “just the way she is”, boredom, or misbehavior. Finally receiving a proper diagnosis allowed me to identify the line between who I am, what my gifts are, and where my mental illness comes in. 

In my personal experience, alternative medicine proved to be the best option, but for many people a medical approach with prescription medication is the best way for them to lead full lives. 

Reiki is an excellent supplement to medical and mental health treatment but is by no means a substitute until the Seeker has sought medical treatment and decided for themself that it is the best option for their care. And all medical and mental health causes should be ruled out before turning to supernatural causes unless proper and thorough investigation has been performed.


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