Reiki Food

Summer is here and I’ve found myself hustling about trying to take my little one to a variety of events and activities to get in the sun. Of course, that means bumps and lumps from enthusiastic play time.

It got me thinking of one of my favorite Reiki tools, Reiki Food.

Reiki Food is simply the act of applying Reiki to the food you eat. This is an excellent practice for helping you to learn how Reiki feels. Personally, I find it particularly helpful for giving Reiki to my little one who isn’t quite ready for sitting still during even a brief Reiki session.

At what point do you feel Reiki begin to flow through you from the food? As soon as it touch your mouth? After you swallow? Later as digestion concludes? These are all things to think about as you begin to practice with Reiki food.

Steps for giving Reiki to your food (this would be the same for giving Reiki to water, beverages, vitamins, etc. Please be aware this is just my preferred method. Follow your own intuition for the method that suits you best.)

  1. Perform the Gassho meditation and connect with Reiki
  2. Place your hands over your food (whether it is still cooking, ready to serve, etc.) and begin sending Reiki energy 
  3. Visualize Cho Ku Rei as you intone the name 3 times.
  4. If you have been attuned to Dai Ko Mio, visualize it and intone the name 3 times as you continue sending Reiki.
  5. Visualize and intone Sei Hei Ki.
  6. Visualize and intone Chi Ku Rei again to complete the Reiki sandwich. If you use any other symbols, be sure to visualize and intone them before closing the “sandwich”.
  7. Continue sending Reiki until you feel like you are finished.

This same process can be used to infuse crystals, ointments, lotions, salves, oils and various other aides and objects with Reiki. Using and applying these objects allows you to apply Reiki energy at those times when you may not have the time to perform a regular self healing treatment. After all, a little Reiki is better than no Reiki.


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