Reiki Practitioners Are Not Perfect

There seems to be a large misconception that Reiki Practitioners, or specifically those who have reached the Master level, do not get sick or stressed. There are those who hold the idea that we remain in a state of bliss and receive no illnesses.

Reiki Masters are human. We live our lives and, thus, we have our own struggles.

While it is commonly, if not universally, held amongst practitioners that daily self Reiki treatment improves overall health and allows us fairly speedy recoveries, we do still get sick. Colds, flus, the aches and pains of age, and diseases.

Reiki Masters also face the stresses of day to day life. We have families, friends, our jobs, and we encounter difficult people like everyone else. Reiki helps to release the stress of these factors and helps us keep them from piling up to the point of overflow, but we can be caught off guard and overwhelmed. We still need a support system to fall back on and recenter ourselves when we find that we’ve gone off track; that support center just so happens to include Reiki.

While some of us may be on a path striving for enlightenment, we are not such. We are gifted with a tool to aid ourselves and others in shouldering the burdens of Life so that we may all enjoy life’s gifts.


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