The Discomfort of Healing

Often times, we depict healing – in whichever form – as refreshing and joyous or otherwise pleasant. The truth is that healing can be difficult, ugly, painful, and just plain uncomfortable. Of course, though, healing is a natural and necessary part of life.

Reiki, as it were, is an excellent tool for easing some of the discomforts of healing.

As wounds knit themselves shut we experience pain, tenderness of the area, swelling, and itching. Applying gentle Reiki to the healing area can soothe these discomforts. 

During times of emotional healing when we may find ourselves lost in the emotions of guilt, anger, and regret, Reiki can soothe and comfort us. It can allow us to connect with ourselves deeper and see these emotions for what they truly represent on the healing journey.

Spiritually, Reiki can help us to feel connected to energies around us and the Gods we serve at times when we may feel most disconnected.

If nothing else is true about Reiki, it is a relaxing experience that allows us to let go of discomfort and be open to the body’s natural healing process.


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